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PPRS is now FocusPoint™ – same great solution with a new name!

SemFin Focuspoint is the integrated and powerful combination of Focuspoint Planning and Focuspoint Business Intelligence. It not only gives you the big picture of your company’s performance, but allows you to zoom into the detail of each project.

SemFin’s FocusPoint is the result of a combined 50+ years experience working with Government Contractors to deliver DCAA compliant project planning and government contracting reporting solutions using IBM Cognos Software. We’ve combined our knowledge of Federal Government Contractor Accounting and IBM Cognos and Deltek software to develop a project based planning and reporting solution that delivers completely integrated application for project planning, budgeting and forecasting, as well as dash boards, analysis and reporting. The application is built on the IBM Cognos platform of TM1 and Business Intelligence software.

FocusPoint delivers a fully integrated and automated Project Performance Optimization cycle. Robust Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting tell you precisely what you should be doing. Dashboards allow you to quickly determine how you are executing against that plan. Integrated reporting and analysis let you find the root causes for variances and more importantly shows you the best corrective actions to get the project back on track. This leads to a revised project forecast or plan and the process continues through project completion.

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